Important information about Ragnarok Ransomware and Hive Ransomware

    Ragnarok Ransomware that was active since 2019 has made it official that it is going to shut its operations by this month’s end. The file encrypting malware group has also released a decryption key for zero cost to help victims clean up their databases.

    Ragnarok aka Asnarok, released the decryption key on one of the affiliate websites of Europol’s NoMoreRansom portal and assured that they will release a clean version on the main website by the first week of September 2021.

    Highly placed sources say that Ragnarok that also involved in double extortion tactics shut its doors because of the constant surveillance of the law enforcement agencies of west. In a month or so, a special task force linked to UK’s NCSC was about to track down the criminals to their headquarters. But fortunately(for them) the cyber criminals released a free decryption key and announced their group closure to avoid any legal troubles.

    So, after REvil, Darkside, and Conti Ransomware groups, it is the time for Ragnarok to get itself tagged to the list of ransomware groups that have officially shut their operations in 2021.

    Coming to Hive Ransomware, FBI has released an alert about the said file encrypting malware spreading group that targeted healthcare firm Memorial Health System last week.

    FBI suggests that corporate and government sectors especially those operating in healthcare sector should be extra cautious as Hive Ransomware gang not only steals and encrypts data but also ends process related to backups and anti-malware and then releases a note on how to contact its sales team through TOR network,

    Also, the gang spreading hive malware earlier used to give a payment deadline of 10-15 days. But now they are only offering a time frame of just 4 days after which the victim would lose access to their database forever, provided some negotiations are made with the hive ransomware group through proper channel.

    Naveen Goud
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