Insider Threat- Raytheon employee sells missile data to China


    A Chinese national named Wei Sun, working as an Electrical Engineer with Raytheon Missiles and Defense department for 10 years, has been sentenced to 38-months jail term for selling missile data to China.

    Raytheon claims the employee was well trained to handle sensitive data related to the company. But despite receiving the training, Sun took his laptop containing missile data to China in Dec 2018- only with an intention to sell it of to some representatives belonging to People’s Republic of China.

    As Wei Sun admitted guilty of violating the Arms Export Control Act (AECA) prevailing in the United States during his vacation to the Asian country, the former employee will have to face an intense jail term for 3 years 2 months.

    Now, to those who aren’t aware of the businesses conducted by Raytheon, it is a US based company that indulges in R&D and production of missiles and other artillery to United States Military.

    The company, which took a serious note of violation, had filed a legal case against Sun for violating its company rules and violating the laws planned by AECA and the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR).

    “As there is clear evidence that Sun’s transport of missile data to China was not an accident, he has to face the legal consequences”, said Alan Kohler Junior, the Assistant Director of the FBI’s Counter Intelligence Division.

    After receiving a complaint from Raytheon in Feb this year, Sun pleaded guilty of his activities on the last hearing that was scheduled to deliver on November 18th, 2020. And the District Court Judge Rosemary Marquez sentenced the former engineer to rigorous imprisonment and released an official statement on the case developments early this week.

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