Insider Threats Can Turn Your Cloud Security Into a Storm

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Cloud_Security_into_a_StormInsiders can become a real threat to organizations migrating to the cloud because they do not have to breach any external security fences. Insider threats could either come in the form of a human error or as a malicious action.

Human errors in cloud security configurations could result in sensitive data and asset disclosure, loss or theft. On the other hand, malicious insiders misuse authorized access to an organization’s cloud assets to overcome security controls and launch their malicious actions.

Insiders are a growing risk to cloud security because insider attacks are hard to detect and respond to and they are the gateways to external attacks. A Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP) can help mitigate these threats by leveraging the knowledge acquired to implement preventive cloud security measures to complement a strong identity and access management policy, such as automated secure configuration management, continuous monitoring, and incident response and recovery.

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