Intel announces that Cloud Security fears have vanished!


Intel Corporation’s Security arm has compiled a new report which says that cloud security fears among organizations are coming down and will soon vanish. The company which will kick off RSA Security LLC’s 2017 Conference in San Francisco this week said that the study was made on over 2000 IT professionals who disclosed their mind on cloud adoption and security.

The survey confirmed that businesses are now showing a lot of interest in moving to the cloud, keeping the fears of security and privacy controls to rest.

In the past, those who said that they distrust cloud computing platforms outnumbered the people who trust them. But now, cloud technology has revolutionized in such a way that the patron base for the said technology is tripling every year.

Intel Corporation’s survey said that more than 70 percent of organizations who participated in the survey admitted that they store some or all of their sensitive data in a public cloud. Nearly, 43 percent of them admitted that they are interested in moving their critical workloads to cloud platforms by this year end. Therefore, the survey clearly documents a shift towards clouds as a default deployment option for businesses.

Lower cost of ownership, better visibility into data and data safety are the primary benefits which are luring companies towards public clouds.

Intel’s cloud survey also throws light on the menace of shadow IT which is growing at an alarming rate, despite efforts of IT organizations to evolve their governance standards. Forty percent of respondents who participated in the survey said that the cloud services which are commissioned on an annual note in their office environments are made without IT’s involvement. The comparative data also shows that the IT Visibility into shadow IT services have actually fallen from the previous year. Therefore, lack of control on cloud services is slowing down the adoption of cloud services to a certain extent but is negligible when compared to last year’s data of the said vertical.

Hybrid Cloud usage has also surged when it comes to year-to-year comparisons. Intel’s study discovered that the percentage of organizations that use only private clouds dropped from 51 percent in 2015 to 24 percent in this survey. While the use of hybrid cloud services tripled from 19 % to 57% respectively.

More details will be updated after Intel makes an official disclosure of its cloud survey results at the RSA Security LLC 2017.

Naveen Goud
Naveen Goud is a writer at Cybersecurity Insiders covering topics such as Mergers & Acquisitions, Startups, Cyber Attacks, Cloud Security and Mobile Security

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