IPG Photonics Laser serving US Army hit by a Ransomware Attack


United States-based Fiber Laser Company IPG Photonics has made it official that its IT infrastructure serving the headquarters was hit by a ransomware attack and that disrupted its operations at 25 facilities worldwide.

IPG Photonics Corp, which first revealed the news to a source from Bleeping Computer, is not interested in bowing down to the demands of hackers as it is intending to recover the data through data backups.

RansomExx file encrypting malware is said to be behind the incident and is also often referred to Ransom X on dark web.

First detected in July this year, RansomExx strain was also reported to have infected the database of Konica Minolta, the camera maker of Japan. And the highlight of this malware is that those behind the attack ask their victims not to inform the law enforcement about the attack as their ransom payments could be blocked. They also encourage their victims to send them an encrypted file so that they can unlock it to prove that they can deliver the decryption as promised.

Note 1- IPG Photonics is a major resource for US Navy to offer fiber laser related artillery and products to battle ships like USS Ponce.

Note 2- There is a speculation doing rounds in the media that those spreading RansomEXX and Defray777 are being funded by Russian Intelligence. But there is no evidence to support this theory and so we are now being forced to accept the fact that the said file encrypting malware is been circulated for monetary benefits only.

Note 3- These days almost every new strain of ransomware is found, first stealing data of victims and then encrypting the database until a ransom is paid. And if in case, the victim denies paying a ransom; the hackers are seen leaking the stolen information on the dark web for financial help.

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