iPhone using parents to get precise location of kids via Apple Watch


All those parents who are worried about the whereabouts of their kids, here’s a solution to wipe-out your concerns. The iPhone maker has introduced a new app feature on its Apple Watch that allows children to send their location to their parents when emergency. It also allows the parents to keep a watch on the places their kids are visiting- all thorough the ‘Find My Kids’ feature on the apple watch.

It is simple, just download the app on the phone and sync-it with the operations of the watch and you’re done!

The American tech giant says that the new feature introduced onto its watch will help parents keep a watch on their kids in real-time and will allow children to send an SOS, when in need or the situation demands.

Interestingly, the app also allows the parent/s to listen to the surroundings if their children do not pick up their calls. The phone app that is synced to the watch will also ring loud(max volume) if the child keeps the phone in mute for a specific period.

Precise location of the kids is also stored in the app up to a month and can anytime be deleted, if the user has any privacy concerns.

Coming to the application, this is the first app developed by a 3rd party company and allowed to operate on the Apple’s ecosystem.

To those uninitiated, the app already has made its way to about 3 million smartphones and from now on the figure might inflate massively, as it has got the permission to operate on the platform of the iPhone giant.

NOTE 1- The application works marvelously, only when it is provided with all required permissions.

NOTE 2- Recently, iPhone users were presented with a new feature of sending a message on iMessage using an invisible link that disappears after the first read. It also blocks people from snooping on previews on the iMessages app without the user’s consent.


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