Iran says Israel launched Stuxnet 2.0 Cyber Attack

As United States 45th President pronounced new stringent sanctions against Iran on Tuesday, the latter has accused Israel of launching Stuxnet 2.0 Cyber Attack on its nationwide Telecommunication infrastructure.  

“The Zionist regime with its record of using cyberweapons such as Stuxnet Computer Virus to harm Iran’s Telecommunications Infrastructure was observed recently”, said Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi, the Telecom Minister of Iran.

Javad added to his statement via Twitter that the attempt was failed due to the prompt action taken by his nation’s technical teams.

Javad’s deputy Hamid Fattahi said that more details will be revealed in coming days and those will include information about the attack, the attack vector, impact scale and the source from which the attack was launched along with valid proof.

NOTE 1- Stuxnet is a computer virus which was developed by the military intelligence of America in association with Israel and was used to attack the digital infrastructure of a uranium enrichment facility at Iran’s Natanz underground nuclear site in 2010. This probably happens to be the publicly known cyber attack which has infected the industrial machinery of the modern day.

NOTE 2- The declaration by Iran’s Telecom Minister comes just after a week when Gholamreza Jalali, the head of Iran’s civil agency said that his technical team succeeded in neutralizing a version of Stuxnet attack.

Iran plans to sue Israel through International Court of Justice (ICJ) and is also willing to launch a retaliation attack if the latter doesn’t mend its ways.

Reacting to the new sanctions imposed by Donald Trump the Iranian government said that it would sue the US in the ICJ and may take serious action against the Trump led North America if it doesn’t find justice at Holland headquartered ICJ- a principal judicial organ of the United Nations.

Naveen Goud
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