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Following the jubilant moment of finding out you have achieved a passing score on your (ISC)² exam, you’re now ready for the endorsement process – but what does that actually mean? First, believe us when we say that the hard part is over! You’ve already passed the exam, and there’s no reason to be anxious or delay your endorsement. Especially if you’ve heard any of the endorsement myths below we are about to bust.

  1. Endorsement isn’t important

It sure is! Becoming a certified member of (ISC)² is more than simply passing an exam, no matter how rigorous and challenging that exam may be. Earning your certification requires a certain amount of verifiable work experience – unless you’re an Associate of (ISC)² working toward full certification. Endorsement verifies the work experience you have listed is accurate and relevant. The endorser also confirms that you are a professional in good standing within the industry and will be able to uphold the (ISC)² Code of Ethics.

  1. Endorsement requires a lot of paperwork

Nope! Beginning in August of 2016, the endorsement process is completely paperless! We took your feedback to heart and long gone are the days of faxing or mailing resumes and letters. Now you can do the entire process directly through isc2.org.

  1. Endorsement takes forever

Not so fast! The process only takes six weeks! Once your endorsement application is received by (ISC)², the review process is completed in less than two months. You’ll be notified as soon as it’s complete and can shout your fully certified membership status from the rooftops.

  1. You need to know a member to endorse you

We can help you there! If you don’t know any (ISC)² members in good standing, getting endorsed may feel like a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. (ISC)² – yes, the organization itself – can act as your endorser. You’ll be able to choose this selection in your online endorsement form. If you do know a member you’d like to endorse you, you’ll need to provide their last name and member number.

  1. If you don’t pass the endorsement process, you have to retake the exam

Another myth busted! When you start the endorsement process, you’ll be able to choose if you’re pursuing Associate of (ISC)² status, or to be fully certified. If you select fully certified, but don’t have the required experience to pass the endorsement process, you will still be able to become an Associate. At that time, you’ll have several years – the number depends on the certification – to earn the required experience and submit your endorsement again. Don’t worry, your passed exam remains valid during this time.


The endorsement process is easy, especially in comparison to the challenge you’ve just overcome in passing an (ISC)² exam! Once you pass, you have nine months to complete the endorsement process to become either fully certified or an Associate of (ISC)². We will always communicate any updates during the process with you via the primary email address in your (ISC)² profile.

We hope this has helped to demystify the (ISC)² endorsement process!

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