(ISC)² Hellenic Chapter Wins Award for Creating Educational Materials

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CyberSec Awards Greece Mar22 photo 1The (ISC)² Hellenic Chapter was awarded the bronze award for its initiatives and activities in the category of Public Cybersecurity Awareness at the Greece Cybersecurity Awards 2022 by Boussias. The event, a first of its kind in Greece, highlighted two cybersecurity categories: Cybersecurity Projects Per Industry Sector and Cybersecurity Projects Per Solution. The chapter was one of the winners among 33 awards given. 

The chapter was recognized for its efforts in promoting awareness of cybersecurity to the public and creating educational materials to train children and families. The (ISC)² Hellenic Chapter members volunteer and work together to provide free trainings to the community. To date, they have conducted 11 trainings educating more than 500 individuals.  

The Chapter has created animated educational videos, Super CyberKids, appropriate for children and families, on cybersecurity topics. These videos are recorded in Greek and available to the public through the chapter’s website. They welcome professionals from public, private and educational sectors to use them in educating children.  

CyberSec Awards Greece Mar22 photo 4The (ISC)² Hellenic Chapter was featured in the InfoSecurity Professional Magazine highlighting their resiliency during the Covid-19 pandemic while continuing to provide educational materials and positively impacting the community. Additionally, Board Member John Iliadis, PhD, CISSP-ISSMP, recently contributed to the (ISC)² blog "Cloud: A Shakespearean Drama?" discussing the challenges we face when deciding on the best storage solutions. 

 This chapter continues to give back to the community and is a great example of (ISC)² members who inspire a safer and more secure cyber world.  

 For more information on joining or starting an (ISC)² Chapter, visit https://www.isc2.org/Chapters.


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