(ISC)² Member Spotlight: Jasmine Rodriguez

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Jasmine RodriguezName: Jasmine Rodriguez
Title: Managed Services Engineer
Employer: KnowBe4
Location: Clearwater, FL
Education: BA, Psychology from San Diego State University and Masters, Education from Vanderbilt University
Years in IT: 3
Years in cybersecurity: 2
Cybersecurity certifications: SSCP, Associate of (ISC)², Security+, CEH


How did you decide upon a career in cybersecurity?

I found my way into the cybersecurity field a couple years after entering the workforce. I always had a passion for technology. My entry point was in a Network Operations Center where I soaked in knowledge quickly.


How did you decide to pursue your CISSP?

I utilized self-study materials combined with a graduated knowledge base from previous certifications. On the job learning helped to speed up the studying process.


In cybersecurity, no two days are the same – what is your main role in your organization?

I help create and implement security awareness training plans for clients. This includes designing simulated phishing email campaigns and integrating the training product into their culture.


Tell us about a project that you were particularly proud of –

I lead a spear phishing project for the executives of a major client. I conducted research for publicly-available information to decide the content and had a ton of fun crafting realistic, enticing emails to imitate a hacker. The end result was more informed executives and reduced risk for the organization.


What impact has the CISSP had on your career?

It helped me to grow within my company and afforded me with speaking engagements around the country.


What advice would you give to those who are thinking about pursuing cybersecurity as a career?

Take the initiative to get started right with the skills you have now. The best thing you can do is to begin getting job experience in a related field and stay motivated to continue growing from there.


What advice would you give to those aspiring to get their CISSP?

Work yourself up to the CISSP with other related certifications and utilize every opportunity you may have to deepen your understanding of security topics regularly.