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The (ISC)² EMEA Secure Webinar series features live and on-demand online events where industry thought leaders, (ISC)² members and solution providers share their views on a variety of topics to help cybersecurity professionals in tackling the current threats and challenges they may be facing today. From GDPR to malware, the themes vary greatly, offering valuable insight into a wide range of areas concerning information security. The webinars are also free to members and non-members, timed conveniently for European, Middle East and African audiences and provide opportunities to earn CPEs.

If you’re not familiar with the series or are perhaps interested in revisiting some topical issues facing the profession, why not explore our current top ten webinars, as ranked by fellow cybersecurity professionals:

  1. GDPR Blueprint; Tackling Confidentially, Integrity and Availability of Data

24NovPicGemaltoThe new EU regulation of the privacy world is rapidly approaching. This webinar will reveal a back to basics approach in relation to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Join Jason Hart, Gemalto CTO, as he identifies a GDPR blueprint that tackles the privacy concerns around confidentiality, integrity and availability of sensitive data.



  1. Securing Cisco with Splunk – Lessons from One of the World’s Most Mature CSIRTs

The Cisco Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) is a global team of information security professionals responsible for the 24/7 monitoring, investigation and incident response at one of the world’s largest and leading technology companies. Learn how Imran Islam, leader of Cisco’s EMEA/APAC CSIRT team, relies on Splunk to help his team drive best practices in threat assessment, mitigation planning, incident detection and response, incident trend analysis, and the development of future security architecture. 

  1. Getting started with GDPR, Privacy and Applying Appropriate Security Controls

In this webinar, compliance experts Christine Andrews (DQM GRC) and Jason Hart (Gemalto) will take you through the background of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), an overview of the key areas of change from the existing Data Protection Act – and the penalties for getting it wrong; as well as an approach for understanding the “gaps” in your current compliance and, importantly, how best to move forward.

  1. The Unique Challenges of Protecting Cloud Assets

This session is for IT and security leaders, and is designed to help them understand and address the unique challenges that enterprises typically face when deploying their applications in the public cloud. This webinar summarizes the areas that the public cloud vendors typically take care of, and highlights what the enterprise and application owners are typically responsible for. With a focus on managing privileged accounts in the cloud environment, it will also address the challenges and solutions for securing application to application sharing and communications, elastic, hybrid and DevOps environments.

  1. Latest Malware Trends & Attack Vectors

In this webinar, Richard Cassidy, Cybereason’s EMEA Technical Director and Adrian Davis, (ISC)²’s EMEA Managing Director, discuss the latest Malware trends and attack vectors. The most reported cyber-criminal groups, the latest attack trends (such as WannaCry) and best practices for fighting the adversary will be also explored. Additionally, you will hear an up-to-date deep dive into adversary TTPS and how to prevent and respond to attacks, using techniques like proactive hunting and SOC analysis and response.

  1. How to get started with GDPR & Applying Appropriate Security Controls

As a follow-up to our previous webinar exploring this topic, this panel discussion will dive into further detail concerning GDPR. Presented by compliance experts Lisa Bentall (DQM GRC) and Jason Hart (Gemalto), they will answer some of the big questions raised in the previous webinar, as well as answer questions from a live Q & A from the originally recorded session.

  1. The Rise of Malware-less Attacks: How Can Endpoint Security Keep Up?

The information security industry is witnessing a rapid evolution in attack techniques – including advanced polymorphic malware and file-less attacks. In fact, according to the 2016 Verizon Data Breach Report, a majority of breaches (53%) involved no malware. Clearly, traditional antivirus (AV) solutions can no longer stop advanced attacks. Modern attackers can easily get their hands on the static and highly predictable prevention models used by legacy AV vendors, which means they can reliably bypass them. Unfortunately, many emerging ‘next gen’ vendors are using approaches that fall victim to the same fundamental flaw. In this webinar, guest speaker Chris Sherman, Senior Analyst at Forrester Research, discusses the latest trends in endpoint security, including results from The Forrester Wave™: Endpoint Security Suites, Q4 2016. Carbon Black’s Paul Morville will also talk about how to stop these pervasive attack techniques.

  1. Don’t Be the Next Victim of a Ransomware Attack

Nr8-CyberArk16MayPicLast year ransomware attacks targeting businesses grew exponentially, and there’s no indication of the trend shifting in 2017. Attackers are continuing to target organisations and individuals for financial gain, and the attacks are escalating to potentially impact civilians, if ransoms are not paid. This webinar offers an in-depth, expert examination of ransomware – how it’s evolving, what you need to know to protect your organisation, as well as a demo of a simulated ransomware attack.

  1. Facing up to Mobile Security Challenges

Whether it is iOS, Android or Windows Phone, you can enable employees to be more productive and work flexibly on the go, by supporting the smartphones, tablets and business applications used on a daily basis. But what about the risks? Join Stephen McCormack from IBM MaaS360, as he takes you step-by-step through the key challenges that mobile devices bring, and how you can easily act to ensure that your organisation is protected.

  1. GDPR: Countdown to Day0

With the EU General Data Protection Regulation entering into force and becoming applicable from 25th May 2018, this webinar, featuring an expert panel, will focus on key milestones to become ready for the new regulation and what has been learned to date; with less than one year to go.

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