Israel to become a victim of Cyber Attack on April 7


A Hebrew based news resource Mako suggests that IT hub Israel could become a victim of an annual cyber attack which is reported to take place on April 7th of this year i.e on Sunday. The authenticity of this news is yet to be known. But the source suggests that the attack could also show a negative impact on the general elections to be held just two days after a cyber attack date.

Cybersecurity firm named Clearsky is said to have leaked the news to Mako suggesting that an attack named “ OpIsrael” taken up by anti-Israel countries like Morocco, Malaysia, Gaza Strip, Tunisia, Turkey, France, and the US could leave a devastating impact on the critical infrastructure of the country.

Boaz Dolev, the CEO of Clearsky admitted that his firm has predicted the possibility of the cyber attack on Israel based on some data points sourced by his security team who has been keeping an eye on a hackers group from the past 18 months.

Clearsky says that the attack tools might range from DDoS attacks to intercepting certain websites to spread malware.

Therefore, all those companies irrespective of their public or private status should make sure that all their email and social media accounts are protected by 2FA rather than a simple username and password.

If history is taken into account, OpIsrael’s previous annual attacks resulted in the acquisition of names, passwords, email addresses, and credit card info which could be later used by cyber crooks for launching devastating attacks.

Well, the good news is that the said hacking group which has also the support of Anonymous is seen attacking only small websites and online infrastructure of SMBs and doesn’t waste time in infiltrating networks of large companies.

Note- The Knesset elections are said to be held on April 9th of this year where voting will be congregated for over 120 seats through Party-list proportional representation, later influenced by D’Hondt method.

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