Israeli Army reinforces itself against cyber attacks from Russia

Israeli Navy seems to be well prepared to counter any sort of cyber attacks launched by Russia in coming days. As the Russian Aircraft Carrier approached the shores of Syria to collect intelligence digitally, Israeli Navy, as a precautionary measure, has upgraded its capabilities to counter cyber warfare by placing specially trained crew in its missile boats.

It is a known fact that Israel faced a major cyber attack in January this year. The attack was launched on the critical infrastructure such as Energy and water, which resulted in a severe electricity outage across the country.

The attack was propelled through malware identified as ransomware and the Israel electricity officials had to shut down their computers for two full days.

It order to prevent such attacks in future from nations such as Russia, Israel has formed cyber security teams which have full knowledge to neutralize any of the sophisticated cyber attacks.

Israeli authorities confirmed today that the reinforcement against cyber attacks was to curb infiltration into their critical IT infrastructure and to ensure that no data related to critical intelligence gets spilled to spies.

In recent years, Cyber warfare has taken a front seat in Israeli Defense exports. It is reported that Israel is now home to about 300 companies who deal in defense exports of cyber warfare. As a result of this business trend, firms related to Israeli Military Industry are also getting busy in absorbing smaller companies to increase their potential in the field of cyber warfare.

According to a report released by Israel Ministry of Defense, the biggest demand for products related to cyber warfare is weapons systems and control systems, the establishment of Computer Emergency Readiness Team centers, strategic infrastructure defense, training equipment, cyber crime dealing staff, and advanced cyber services.

Since, Russia is spying on its border’s with a lame excuse, Israel wants to neutralize any big digital attacks from the federal nation at the start point itself. As a first precautionary measure, it started to reinforce its missiles loaded warships with trained cyber teams.

In December this year, the Middle East nation will announce more of its cyber warfare policies which are being used to bolster its critical infrastructure.

Naveen Goud
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