Japan claims Mitsubishi Electric Cyber Attack could have breached defense data


Japan’s Defense Ministry has released a press statement yesterday saying that a cyber attack on Mitsubishi Electric could have leaked data related to defense equipment. As Mitsubishi happens to be a supplier of equipment to the military sector in Japan the latest disclosure from the ministry has grabbed many eyeballs around the world.

News is out that the data leaked happens to be that of the contract bidders of Oct’18 and could prove critical as it includes some characteristics of defense equipment.

Although Mitsubishi did not win the contract in the auction, information access of 200 MB worth sensitive details might spell trouble in the near future, say experts.

What’s interesting in this cyber attack saga is the point that the data breach took place before June last year. And the officials of the company made time to disclose it to the world only after January 15th of this year.

Mitsubishi did not specify any name of the country suspected behind the cyber attack. However, when the data breach reports first emerged in Jan 2020 news resource ‘Japan Times’ reported that the attack could be launched by a Chinese Cyber Crime Unit being funded by the government. The news resource added in its report that the data related to over 8K people including 1500 retirees of the company, few job seekers and over 4,125 employees were accessed by the threat actors through fraudulent means.

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