Japan issues Cyber Threat warning to Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics


Japan’s National Intelligence Agency has issued a warning that the next year’s Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics might be targeted by state-funded cyber attacks. 


In a report issued in the last weekend, the country’s security agency has claimed that hackers backed by some state-funded intelligence firms are planning to target the digital infrastructure of the Olympics 2020 holding authority and might target it with phishing email campaigns designed to spy, disrupt or hijack the sporting event.


“ We have detected some phishing emails on a recent note which look like they are coming from a Tokyo 2020 staff member”, says a press release issued by Tokyo Olympics 2020 authorities.


The authorities claim that such emails often divert the victims to phishing sites or infect their devices with malware such as ransomware, crypto mining or other such malicious software.


Japan’s Public Security Intelligence Agency (PSIA) has claimed that the cyber threat might emerge mostly from China and Japan which claim to be leaders in launching sophistication filled cyber attacks backed with Artificial Intelligence.


As Russia is facing a ban from making its country people participate in Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics due to some state-sponsored doping allegations, there is a high chance that the nation might retaliate by launching cyberattacks on the IT infrastructure of the Olympic Games.


At the same time, Japan’s PSIA feels that the sporting event could be a soft target for terrorist attacks and so the security at the competition held venues will be increased by two-fold to thwart any attacks. Also, the government has decided to keep a close watch on Public transport facilities and accommodation centers to track down terror activities in-time. 


Note- The 2020 Summer Olympics will commence on Friday 24th July and will end on Sunday 9th, August in Tokyo, Japan.