Joe Biden to meet US Tech companies CEOs to protect National Infrastructure against Cyber Attacks

US President Joe Biden has invited a group of CEOs of tech companies on Wednesday to discuss issues related to cyber attacks on the national infrastructure. According to an update released by White House, the meeting is likely scheduled in the afternoon hours of August 25th,2021 and will be held behind closed doors.

A source from White House says that if the meeting gets canceled because of the ongoing Afghanistan crisis and allegations on the US President, it might be again be scheduled after the long weekend in September this year.

To those uninitiated, Biden wanted all tech companies to unite and fight a virtual war against adversary nations launching state funded actors.

White House also issued an update in July this year stating that it wants to put an end to the ransomware and espionage related attacks being launched on the government agencies and critical infrastructure.

This time the federal govt seems serious as the Biden administration has condemned the attack on Solar Winds, Colonial Pipeline, Kaseya and JBS Meat on a serious note.

Chiefs of Google, Microsoft, Amazon, IBM and JP Morgan Chase have already given their nod to the meeting on an official note and the invitees list may also include board heads of companies operating in manufacturing, banking, energy, and water utility sectors.

Note- A source from Biden administration felt that the only way to tackle this situation is to have open communication with the private sector and to urge them to come up with solutions that will help in thwarting cyber attacks on critical infrastructure.

Naveen Goud
Naveen Goud is a writer at Cybersecurity Insiders covering topics such as Mergers & Acquisitions, Startups, Cyber Attacks, Cloud Security and Mobile Security

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