LaSalle County fast recovering from Ransomware Attack

Illinois based LaSalle County is said to be fast recovering from a ransomware attack which is experienced on February 22nd, 2020. And the news is out that the county officials are in no mood to bow to the demands of hackers by paying them a ransom in exchange for a decryption key.

John Haag, the IT Director of LaSalle, IL admitted in the media statement released yesterday that the malware which infected the County’s servers was ransomware which was designed to block access to the PCs until a ransom is paid. Haag added that there is almost zero evidence that the data was compromised.

However, the County’s IT management is in no mood to pay heed to the demands of the hackers as they are sure to recover the data from backups. Already the staff worked for almost 100 hours last week by restoring the systems on a server to a server basis.

FBI and other law enforcement agencies have been informed about the cyber incident which took place in La Salle County at the end of the last month.

Jim Olson, the Chairman of La Salle County said that the county had all the necessary technology-based protections in place to prevent any damage from cyber-attacks now and in near future.

Mr. Olson added that his county’s IT staff are learning from the mistakes and would never allow such an incident to take place shortly.

As Circuit Clerk Department’s Computer was not affected, digital services at La Salle County’s State Attorney’s Office and Sheriff’s office weren’t affected.

Naveen Goud
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