LG Smart Televisions hit by Ransomware

    Smart Televisions which gave a new meaning to television viewing experience are now said to be vulnerable to malicious software. As per our sources, a ransomware is infecting all android based LG Smart Televisions. What’s more amusing is that LG still has no solution to relieve its customer’s TV viewing experience from this dreaded software. 

    Further details are as follows- Almost two days ago, Twitter user Darren Cauthon first reported this incident on his social media handle. Darren added that all those TVs running on Google software are vulnerable to this dreaded Android ransomware. He further warned people from buying LG Smart Televisions in this festive season.

    The message which is displayed on the television after the ransomware spread is as follows-

    “Family members your TV is bricked. LG won’t disclose a factory reset and so avoid smart TVs like a plague”

    A close look at the message further informs the victim that FBI cyber crime unit is asking the victims not to unlock the files on their own. The message says to pay a sum of $500 as ransom in order to gain the decryption key.

    From past two days, more than 61 LG smart television users have reported that they were victims of the ransomware. Some have added that a factory reset has brought back their TVs to life.

    On the other hand, LG electronics is advising its customers not to click on malicious links in their email spam folders. The company also says that a factory reset works well in such situations if performed professionally.

    Note- Factory Reset in mobile phones, DVR’s, NVR’s, tablets, surveillance cameras or a television offers a master reset to all software related problems in electronic devices. Technologically speaking, a master reset erases all the data stored on the device in an attempt to restore the software on the device to its original manufacture settings.

    When one of our Cyber Security Insiders technician contacted the LG customer care, the representatives told our technician to take the smart TV to the nearest service center. They said that their customer care executives can repair the TV for a price tag of $340 and that too after 10 days of waiting period.

    Thus, we can conclude that in the world of Internet of Things, nothing seems to be secure from malware threats like ransomware.

    So, what’s the solution to completely avoid this situation…Is staying away from evolving technology the only rescue…?

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    Naveen Goud
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