Lockbit takes claim for Entrust Ransomware Attack

    Lockbit ransomware group has claimed that it breached the computer network of Entrust business on July 18th this year and stole some sensitive files from the internal systems. Entrust that is into data card and information protection business said that it has notified its customers about the incident and has taken measures to block all such attacks in the future.

    Releasing a press statement on this note, Entrust did not agree to the claims openly made by Lockbit and instead it remains diplomatic by saying that it is still investigating the incident.

    Vitali Kremez, the CEO of AdvIntel, gave an update to online technology resource Bleeping Computer and said that Lockbit might have purchased the access details to the company network by resellers available on the dark web.

    Lockbit ransomware gang has the habit of threatening its victims by releasing a portion of data siphoned from their servers, so that the victim is forced to return to the negotiation table. And if the victim doesn’t bow down to the demands of hackers, then they release all the data on to the dark web to tarnish the image of the firm in business or to strike a deal with interested parties who opt to buy the data.

    NOTE- Entrust is a payment card protection service that offers related software and hardware to support financial cards, e-passports, user authentication and to overall conduct money transactions in secure environments.


    Naveen Goud
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