Magic in Cybersecurity: Magic links to replace the password

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These days, magic links are in the air. They are becoming an intriguing means to strengthen digital security without inconveniencing users.
This article discusses magic links, their magical function, and their potential benefits for a corporation.
Magic links
Magic links are authorized URLs that carry a token which grants accessibility to a particular user. They enable users to register or log in to a website, as well as make online transactions. When the user clicks on the URL, they get verified instantly.
Magic links usually have a short life and are one-of-a-kind. Magic links form a digital authentication technique that can use both a passwordless and a multi-factor authentication system.
Why use magic links
In a digital world, magic links are useful in passwordless and multi-factor authentication.
Passwordless authentication refers to a security system that doesn’t use passwords. Users authenticate using…

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