Maze Ransomware attack on Cognizant


Cognizant which is known to provide IT services to multinational companies across the world have admitted that its internal systems witnessed disruption just before the weekend due to Maze Ransomware.


Although the American tech giant did not confirm the news to the world, its CEO Brian Humphries wrote to employees that it became a target to ransomware attack recently which could be extremely challenging, especially at the time when the company was struggling with operational issues arising due to COVID 19 spread.


All clients and customers of the company have been digitally notified with Indicators of Compromise (IOC) and the technical team is behind in mitigating the risks associated with the cyber incident.


Law enforcement authorities were informed of the details about the incident and a third-party security firm is seen supplementing the It staff of Cognizant in dealing with the risks.


Cognizant which has over 300,000 employees and manages $15 billion revenues are seen as the backbone of several fortune 500 companies.


More details will be updated shortly!


Note 1- Maze Ransomware is a typical file-encrypting malware that not only locks down the data until a ransom is paid. But also exfiltrates a portion of the locked data to remote servers, so that the hackers can sell that data online, if in case the victim fails to pay the demanded ransom. This adds pressure on the victim making them bow down to the demands of hackers thereafter.


Note 2- Will the New Jersey-based company pay a ransom to free up their data is yet to be known.


Naveen Goud
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