Maze Ransomware targets Xerox Corporation


Xerox Holdings Corporation, a Norwalk based company, well known to sell digital and multi-functional printers is reported to have been targeted by Maze Ransomware group- tumbling the firm’s stock by $0.42 or $15.15 per share since the story of the cyber attack was made public.


And as per a post published in the technology resource ‘Bleeping Computer,’ the hackers are threatening the officials of Xerox to leak 100GB data related to the company if their ransom demands are not attended on time.


On June 24th and 25th, those operating the Maze Ransomware blog published screenshots related to the stolen data to make the Xerox company officials believe that their IT Infrastructure was compromised in real.


Additionally, they have also posted the message that once the ransom is received, the data will be wiped off from the servers and a decryption key will be handed over to the Printing company officials. And if the Fortune 500 company doesn’t pay attention to the demands the stolen data will be sold on the dark web.


Xerox is still unsure of what type of data was breached in the cyber attack which is suspected to have taken place in May this year. But the company has acknowledged the attack and said that an investigation in relation to the incident was underway from June 26th of 2020.


Note- After Cognizant, Xerox happens to be the next big technology company that has been targeted by the Maze Ransomware group in the year 2020.