Microsoft and its Passwordless Authentication on Windows 11

Microsoft Windows 11 Passwordless Authentication will fail, say, experts from WatchGuard Threat Lab. The analysis was done when the American tech giant announced it is going to remove the password based logins entirely from its platform in the next couple of years.

It is a fact that the Satya Nadella led company is planning to implement bio-metrics based authentication along with hardware tokens through security keys and OTPs via email soon.

First, the above stated authentication features will be rolled out to users using Microsoft Windows 11 platform and then the software giant is planning to roll-out the same to other operating system users as well.

But experts say that the move could prove lethal to Windows business, as it should be implemented only after the 2FA is made mandatory. Means, users can stay secure only if the biometrics or hardware keys feature is supported with an OTP approval made through the mobile phone.

As passwords are inconvenient to create, remember and use, the Redmond giant has decided to roll out a passwordless authentication to users of its Windows 11- a move made earlier only to the enterprise users of its Windows operating system.

Highly placed sources say that Microsoft has worked for a password-less future from years and the pandemic propelled WFH culture has acted as a catalyst to achieve its vision, as most of the businesses went remote overnight.

So, in September this year, the computer software offering giant stated it is planning to roll out a password-less authentication feature available through its Microsoft Authenticator App, Windows Hello and a hardware security key along with a verification code sent to a mobile phone- allowing users to sign-in for their favorite apps such as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft OneDrive and the very little known Microsoft Family Safety.

Hope all goes well as per a plan for Microsoft in the upcoming year 2022.

Naveen Goud
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