Microsoft asks employees in China to use iPhones and abandon Android phones

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Microsoft, the American technology giant, has issued an email request to all its employees in China to stop using Android phones for office communication and switch to iPhones loaded with genuine iOS.

This initiative is believed to be part of an effort to enhance cybersecurity measures and mitigate risks associated with Chinese intelligence gathering information from Android devices.

Starting in September 2024, Microsoft will begin restricting corporate access for employees using smartphones with Google’s OS, including those using Pixel and subsequent models.

As a result, many employees in China will need to switch to iPhones as part of Microsoft’s Global Secure Future Initiative (SFI), which standardizes cybersecurity protocols for all employees working in foreign countries.

Due to increasing Chinese surveillance on global mobile phones, the company led by Satya Nadella has decided to restrict the use of Android applications available on the Google Play Store.

China has long imposed restrictions on Google Android phones and applications, including a ban on the Google Play Store, due to data security concerns.

As a result, smartphone makers like Huawei and Xiaomi offer their own application-driven content, independent of the Google Play Store.

To enhance its security measures, Microsoft is granting full control over its services only to Apple iOS users, as Apple has demonstrated a strong commitment to keeping user data safe from prying eyes. Currently, iPhone data is stored on cloud servers that operate solely from American soil, unlike other companies that transfer user data to geographically separated data centers for business continuity.

The Australian Cyber Security Centre recently issued a warning about APT40, urging businesses and individuals to remain vigilant against state-funded attacks launched by threat actors backed by Chinese intelligence. The digital organization also cautioned the public about compromised home routers.

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