Microsoft buys Israeli cloud computing firm Cloudyn


Microsoft has made it official that it is going to acquire Israel-based cloud computing company Cloudyn from its corporate venture capital fund. The Redmond giant is said to pay anything between $50-$70 million in order to make Cloudyn its business subsidiary.

Infosys invested in Cloudyn a couple of years ago and then companies like Carmel Ventures, RD Seed and Titanium Investments showed interest in backing up the cloud management platform to a certain extent.

In a company blog post published almost 5 days ago, Microsoft’s Jeremy Winter admitted that Microsoft has made a definitive agreement to acquire 2011 founded startup Cloudyn.

After the acquisition, Microsoft is intending to incorporate Cloudyn’s capabilities into its product portfolio that offers a broad set of management, security and governance capabilities.
Note 1- Cloudyn gives enterprise customers the ability to identify, measure, analyze and consume an accounted cloud spending. The startup which was established in 2011 with $20.5 million fundraises now earns revenue between $5 million to $7 million per annum. So, as per the details available to our Cybersecurity Insiders Microsoft is paying almost a triple amount to Cloudyn from which it was raised.

Note 2- Microsoft is a one the leading software companies in America which have plans to expand its cloud services portfolio along with its web services. For this reason, the company started acquiring cloud-based startups (mostly from Israel) since 2014- all as a part of its strategic plan to offer a globally trusted intelligent cloud platform to its customers.

On a previous note, Microsoft acquired Israeli enterprise firms like Aorato, Adallom and Secure Islands. And in June 2017, Microsoft bought a security firm named Hexadite for $100 million.

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