Microsoft is officially listening to the Skype calls of its customers


Skype an online app of Microsoft (MS) which offers audio and video communication through the internet is in news for all wrong reasons these days. After Google and Amazon, American software giant Microsoft has admitted that the Skype calls of its customers are being heard by a group of contractors hired by MS specifically for this purpose.

However, the Redmond based tech giant says that only audio recordings of its customers are being monitored by its contractors to help improve translation-related programs and the process might be taking place in an automated way with minimum human intervention.

Also the Satya Nadella led company stated in one its latest statements that it takes permissions of its customers before collecting their voice data- via fine print, and makes sure that all the personal info is stripped off before sharing the conversations with vendors who are assigned to improve its services such as humanizing the services related to Cortana- MS voice-controlled assistant.

A recent report published in Motherboard says that the calls which are being monitored by the tech company include personal conversations taking place between two adults over issues such as weight loss, marital disputes, S#$ life, and some finance-related matters.

Since, early this year, there have been N numbers of reports on Amazon for secretly recording the voice data of its Alexa users. Recently i.e. in July this year, Google admitted that it keeps a tab on its user activity on Android smartphones to improve the services of its virtual assistant.

Now, the latest to add to the list is Microsoft which has been caught guilty for spying on the conversations made on Skype by a third-party tech website.

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