Microsoft previews Azure Sphere with Cloud Security controls


Microsoft has announced the release date of its Azure Sphere which happens to be February 9th of 2020. The Linux based chip which was earlier named ‘Project Sopris’ by the tech giant was previewed to the world yesterday at the IoT Solutions World Congress.


Microsoft Azure Sphere is a Linux based silicon wafer that can be used to power internet-connected devices. Operating with a MediaTek MT3620 processor and an Azure Sphere OS entailed with Linux Kernel, the architecture is ambled to provide authentication, threat response and info related to on-device resources and application failure.


In the coming days, Azure Sphere will also be enriched with artificial intelligence, graphics, and richer UI experiences.


As of now, those who got an opportunity to have hands-on the chip are testing it by integrating it into consumer appliances meant for retail and manufacturing equipment.


Even the news is out that Azure Sphere is being used in mission-critical appliances such as “Guardian Modules” for securely connecting the devices to the internet.


At the same conference, Microsoft took an opportunity to introduce Azure RTOS which will be offered as a complimentary to Sphere.


In the coming days, the American software giant is also thinking to revamp its Azure IoT Hub with several features and that includes Azure Time Insights, a multi-layered flexible cold storage and rich analytical skills with improved scale and performance.


Note- MediaTek MT3620 chips were developed to support high-level security in modern connected appliances and are being used in smart homes, commercial, industrial and many other domains.

Naveen Goud
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