Microsoft suffers data breach leaking sensitive customer information

Microsoft has suffered a data breach that leads to leak of sensitive information of some of its customers. The technical blunder reportedly occurred on September 24th of this year because of a configuration error that made the server accessible to everyone on the internet, albeit with some technical knowledge.

Prima facie revealed that the free to access data wasn’t misused till date and all affected customers were notified about the incident in the first week of Oct’22.

Email addresses, names, email content, phone numbers, some business files related to Microsoft’s authorized partners were apparently accessed by hackers.

As the unintentional mis-config occurred at an endpoint server, it did not affect any of the Microsoft ecosystem.

Meanwhile, Charlie Bell, the new Security Chief of the Redmond giant, has avowed that he might use the tech of Artificial Intelligence to churn up the security business.

Bell, who is an ex-chief of Amazon Cloud Computing, is confident that the use of AI in security business will stop the surge of hacking business with ransomware attacks.

When information regarding cyber attacks is shared and analyzed, it leads to a situation where threats can be predicted proactively and necessary steps can be taken to mitigate them.

Bell added in his insight that the shortage of skilled professional in security can be filled with AI based robots that are highly trained to adapt to different situations and be productive forever….really?


Naveen Goud
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