Microsoft to release GPT-4 for AI-Generated Videos


All these days, the media was busy discussing the new AI-based conversational Chatbot ChatGPT. In the coming days, the discussions will shift a bit, towards a similar product named GPT-4, a Large Language Model (LLM) machine learning tool to generate videos, just with the prompt from the text.

GPT-4 will be having the potential to answer some of the modalities existing in ChatGPT, such as slower responses to user queries and accurate video processing abilities.


Revealing the same, Microsoft CTO Andreas Braun confirmed that the video generation process will take place, by the end of this week, starting Wednesday, i.e., March 15, 2023.


OpenAI has already started working on a new mobile app that will be using the capabilities of GPT-4, a step ahead of the existing web-based language model of ChatGPT.


NOTE 1- After the integration of an AI-powered conversational model in the Bing search engine, the windows OS developer has witnessed a 100m sharp surge in its database of active users to the browser and that’s quite a great accomplishment for the tech giant, as it has achieved the benchmark in just one month.


NOTE 2- As customary, the upcoming GPT-4 will have its share of controversies as it can be used to accentuate the process of creating deep fake videos, a serious threat to society, especially the influential folk.


NOTE 3- Practically speaking, it is not the technology that needs to be put to a fault. It’s the human mind, that needs to be judged for all the bad or the ugly that takes place after the use of AI technology.

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