Microsoft wants to curb the growing menace of Cyber Threats in the following way


Microsoft made it official on Tuesday that it has ways to curb the growing menace of cyber threats on government infrastructures across the world. The American tech giant says that the threats can be curbed by collaborating with governments, tech companies, and 3rd party Cybersecurity agencies who in-turn will share data afterward.


According to Rob Lefferts, the Program Manager of 365 Security, Microsoft; the company has taken a strategic stand against cyber-attacks hitting around the world by collecting information on the nations which are launching, their objectives behind attacks and their success rate. When all this data is shared between governments around the globe, Mr. Rob feels that it will help protect citizens against cyber attacks.


As per the latest stats released by Microsoft, the tech giant is found spending over $1 billion on an annual note on Cybersecurity, and uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (ML) in gaining insights and rapid automated responses to the current threats prevailing in the cyber landscape.


Apart from the investments, the company is also reported to have deployed several sensors that are looking for data on cyber incidents across the globe- like metadata from PCs, Servers, and Cloud storage platforms. And over 8 trillion of those messages are being analyzed by over 3,600 Microsoft Security Professionals who keep on analyzing for threats to enforce protective measures for customers.


If all public and private agencies collaborate around the globe, then all incidents can be timely detected and curbed on machines- a part of Microsoft’s behavioral analytics campaign.


Note- In early 2018, over 34 tech companies signed a pact called “Cybersecurity Tech Accord” to help people defend their machines against malicious cyber attacks. And companies like Cisco, HP, Nokia, Oracle, VMware, Dell, CA Technologies, Symantec and Bitdefender were all a part of this campaign.

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