Morgan Stanley data breach details via social engineering attack


Morgan Stanley Wealth Management, widely known as an asset management division of Morgan Stanley company, has issued a statement that a threat actor accessed their firm’s systems and tried to steal a portion of data.

Additional media updates also included the fact that the threat actor succeeded in digitally transferring money from the company’s account to the hacker’s account via the Zelle Payment service.

Now, to all those interested in learning more about Morgan Stanley’s data breach, here is some newsworthy. The threat actor tried his best to convince the staff of the company to disclose sensitive details such as banking or login credentials but failed in her intentions.

The whole of the incident occurred on February 11th this year and Morgan Stanley spokesperson confirmed that the attack did not breach any of the business systems and they remain secure as usual.

Note 1- CLOP Ransomware gang hacked into the systems of Morgan Stanley in July last year and the criminal gang stole personal information from the company servers through an Accellion software vulnerability, existing in Guidehouse, a third-party vendor related to the American Investment firm.

Note 2- On March 24th,2022 Morgan Stanley appointed Arnaud Blanchard as the head of America’s equity syndicate and he will replace Pawan Passi, who has been sent on long leave by the firm for his alleged involvement in the Block trading business.

Note 3- Block Trading is to invest in high-value transactions at a pre-determined price agreed price between two parties.

Note 4- The SEC of the United States that is looking into the matter of Passi hasn’t accused him of doing anything wrong on a professional note to date.


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