Nebraska Medicine down with Cyber Attack


After a week of experiencing networks issues, an official statement released by Nebraska Medicine says that the disruptions and downtime was being caused by a cyber attack that took place on Monday this week. The law enforcement agencies along with a third party security services provider have been informed about the incident triggering Omaha FBI Office to take a note of the situation.

Nebraska Medicine added in its website notification that its contingency plans are already in place and are working as per the expectations. On an additional note, the admin staff have been asked to prioritize patient care based on the health situation and history of all individual patients.

Patient appointments remained unaffected and the doctors’ access to records has been restored. But the information recording is taking place on a manual note, and some appointments have been rescheduled for early next month.

Note 1- Nebraska Medicine is a private held American organization is into healthcare sector by operating with 2 hospitals, 39 specialty, and primary care clinics. This healthcare facility has one of the largest bio-containment units in the USA and is known for bone-marrow and organ transplant, cancer treatment, gastro-enterology, neurology, heart surgeries, hi replacement and other treatments related to skin.

Note 2- Cyber Attacks on healthcare facilities have increased in recent past and after the COVID 19 outbreak most of such attacks are been targeted at organizations are into the research of Corona Virus Vaccine. So, in this situation, companies need to take utmost data continuity procedures to safeguard their patient and medical data by implementing back-up and recovery processes from time to time.

Naveen Goud
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