New Advanced AlienApps for Fortinet

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Here at AT&T Cybersecurity, we feel strongly that security should fit into your business, not the other way around.  We lower the friction security brings to day-to-day operations through automating the essential security operations such as detection and response.  By integrating different security products together to form a consolidated security architecture, companies can be protected with less effort.
Recently, we’ve taken another step on this journey by releasing a new pair of Advanced AlienApps for Fortinet.  Our Advanced AlienApps for FortiGate and FortiManager join our suite of existing AlienApps for Fortinet to enable collection of data and security response across the entire Fortinet product suite.
The FortiGate and FortiManager integrations unlock multiple response actions that make SOC analysts aware of what’s happening with network security and allow them to respond to alarms quickly.  Let’s take a look.

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