Newly identified StrongPity operations

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Alien Labs has identified an unreported and ongoing malware campaign, which we attribute with high confidence to the adversary publicly reported as “StrongPity”. Based on compilation times, infrastructure, and public distribution of samples – we assess the campaign operated from the second half of 2018 into today (July 2019).
This post details new malware and new infrastructure which is used to control compromised machines. We have also identified StrongPity deploying malicious versions of the WinBox router management software, WinRAR, and other trusted software to compromise targets.
StrongPity was first publicly reported on in October 2016 with details on attacks against users in Belgium and Italy in mid-2016. In this campaign, StrongPity used watering holes to deliver malicious versions of WinRAR and TrueCrypt file encryption software. Microsoft released an intelligence report in December 2016 which details the PROMETHIUM adversary group and its links to the Kaspersky StrongPity blog. In the report,…

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