News about Wannacry hitting Australian Computers and Cyber Attack on Air Canada

Malwarebytes latest investigation has discovered that the Wannacry Ransomware which disrupted more than 250,000 computers worldwide last year has again hit thousands of systems in Australia and millions across the world in 2018.

According to the Cybersecurity firm, more than 3,388 Wannacry cases have been detected till date since Jan this year and the number of affected PCs till date in the Asian Pacific Region stands to be over 1.5 million.

Experts from Malwarebytes say that over 3 million computers could have been so far compromised with WannaCry malware in 2018.

The California based company which offers security software to Windows, Mac and Android devices came to a conclusion through its investigation that malware like BadRabbit and NotPetya were also seen hitting systems in this year. But the impact rate of these said malware was much lower when compared to Wannacry.

In another incident which is related to a data breach, Air Canada has issued a public statement yesterday claiming those using its app for booking tickets could have been exposed to a data breach which occurred in August this year.

The company says that it has evidence that over 20,000 profiles were improperly accessed by hackers and the details could have been leaked via the app which is being used by over 1.7 million people across Canada and other countries in which the services of the said airline’s carrier were active.

Air Canada is urging its customers to reset its passwords with a more robust alternative as a preventive measure and apologized to its customers for the current cyber incident.

A source on the condition of anonymity reports to Cybersecurity insiders that an unusual access to Air Canada’s mobile app was observed by the IT staff of the airline’s carrier between Aug 22-24, 2018. And as an immediate precautionary measure, the airlines chose to block the access attempts and implemented additional protocols to protect the database from further sabotage.

Details of the incident are now available on the Canadian Company’s website.

Naveen Goud
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