Next generation firewall (NGFW) explained: What is a NGFW?


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What is a next generation firewall?
Traditional firewalls have been around for decades. But NGFWs, uninhibited by the same technology limits, take advantage of significant advancements in storage space, memory, and processing speeds. The feature set for NGFWs build upon traditional firewall features by including critical security functions like intrusion prevention, VPN, and anti-virus, and even encrypted web traffic inspection to help prevent packets containing malicious content from entering the network. Many NGFWs are also capable of integrating with modern networking topologies like software-defined wide area networks (SD-WAN).
Look around at the different firewall solutions today, and you’ll discover that most vendors label their solution as NGFWs. However, without a consensus from the security industry about what a next-gen firewall is and what it is not, organizations must look at all the features and decide if the solution fits their business needs. 
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