NHS to share UK Patient data with a notorious US Company


A few days ago, NHS revealed that its patient records that include medical history, gender, name, contact details, and addresses will be shared with third-party firms that could use that data in the research and development of medicines for life-threatening diseases and infections such as COVID 19 aka Wuhan Virus- developed by China in Oct 2019 to trigger a bio war on the entire world.


News is out that the data will be shared with a notorious US Software firm named Palantir, whose core business is to supply information to companies that are into the business of big data and offering surveillance tech to firms associated with Military, law enforcement, and border forces.


NHS says that it will share the data with Palantir by taking all necessary precautions about keeping the data secure and private.


Colorado-based Palantir also notified the media that it will only act as a data supplying medium to companies interested in dealing with that data and will never have access to it.


However, a digital rights campaigning group named Foxglove wants England’s Govt funded healthcare services provider to be more transparent on what exactly it is going to share with the US software business Palantir and how well the company is capable of protecting the privacy of its patients with regards to their information share.


Note 1- In the years 2017 & 2019, Palantir hit news headlines for indulging in espionage activities on innocent citizens, targeting mainly minorities and the poor.


Note 2– A senior source from Palantir said that the firm strictly follows some business ethics while handling, processing, and handing over the data to third parties and has been doing it so without any official remark from any of the governments and the Privacy advocates across the world

Naveen Goud
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