No experience, No Problem – (ISC)² Recruits 140,000 Individuals Interested in a Cybersecurity Career

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No experience  No Problem(ISC)² launched a new initiative for individuals pursuing or considering a career in cybersecurity. The goal? To create new pathways to cybersecurity career success and decrease the global workforce gap.

Within three months of launching this initiative, we had more than 110,000 individuals sign up to become (ISC)² Candidates. The offering provides education courses, study materials and resources to help prepare those looking to enter cybersecurity. Additionally, the aim is to encourage (ISC)² Candidates to pursue the recently launched entry-level certification (ISC)² Certified in Cybersecurity (CC).

The immediate success of (ISC)² Candidates showed us there was no shortage of interest in cybersecurity; the challenge is creating new pathways for those with no experience or background to enter the field.

In fact, in December, at SECURE Washington, DC, we heard first-hand the impact of (ISC)² Candidates. Christopher Shaw, a first-time attendee of (ISC)² events, recently passed the Certified in Cybersecurity exam. Christopher is seeking a career transition into cybersecurity – and is working on completing relevant training through (ISC)², and practical applications, to kickstart his cybersecurity career. 

What have we learned? There is no single pathway into cybersecurity, which rings true in our 2022 (ISC)² Workforce Study. We are seeing a shift in how people enter the field, with fewer individuals under 30 years of age moving into cybersecurity from a career outside of IT. The evolution showcases the importance of helping those enter the profession through non-traditional methods.

We are thrilled with the early success of (ISC)² Candidates as it showcases a steady interest in cyber education and training for individuals looking to enter the field. At (ISC)², we are preparing these individuals by providing a new entry path into the profession through this initiative.

It's not too late to sign up to become an (ISC)² Candidate! To sign up:

  1. Register for free at You will be prompted to create an account with (ISC)² and answer a few questions about your cybersecurity career goals.
  2. After completing the (ISC)² Candidate registration, you will be redirected to the benefits page. From there, you can enroll in the Online Self-Paced Training and get instructions for redeeming your free exam when you're ready to take the test.

Your first year as an (ISC)² Candidate is free, so don’t miss out. Questions? Talk to us at – we hope you'll join us!


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