North Korea steals $1.3 billion worth of digital currency


According to a secret mission launched by South Korean Spy Agency ‘The National Intelligence Service (NIS)’ North Korea hackers have so far managed to siphon $1.2 billion worth digital currency with a large amount($686 million) stolen in the current year i.e. 2022.

NIS anticipates that the year 2023 will witness more such attacks from Kim Jong Un, possibly of larger scale, as they need a large sum to quench their thirst for the eight nuclear tests.

As Kim’s nation is facing a lot of UN sanctions from nations, it has stolen rather than earn and so is launching digital assaults to steal virtual goods.

Baek Jong Wook, the director of the spy agency, has endorsed the news and added that the upcoming year will witness the development of supersonic missiles, intercontinental ballistic missiles, nuclear submarines and such. And as the development needs a lot of currency, the national leader has directed his officials to take an online route to steal foreign currency to save its fragile economy from plunging down.

In the year 2016, North Korea’s illegal activities made United Nations impose sanctions on exports such as coal, textile and sea food. Adding to this economic meltdown was the COVID lock-down around the world that made workers from the Kim led nation to fly back to their land, leading to an economic loss.

This triggered leader Kim to establish a trained group of hackers as a cyber army and they stole currency, intelligence, technology for monetary benefits.

NOTE- Frankly speaking, every nation is nowadays having its own cyber army to indulge in such earn tactics. The only thing is Kim does this in open and other nations indulge in such tactics behind the screens in the name of national security. Edward Snowden has already whistle blown a lot about the NSA in the year 2013 and more is expected to be disclosed soon.


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