North Korea to turn aggressive towards the US via Cyber Attacks

United States which is getting ready for a World War 3 against North Korea (NK) received a severe jolt at the end of last week when the NK leader Kim Jong UN said that his nation is not going to take the actions of Trump government lightly anymore. Mr. Kim Jong UN added that his nation is going to react in an aggressive way which is more likely to come from cyberspace than the military arena.

As Trump’s government tightened the noose around Pyongyang from gaining any international sanction from the global financial system, Kim decided to react in a harsh way from yesterday.

Kim added that his nation is ready to take on any sort of attack referring to the armada of US warships heading the waters of North Korea hinting us about an upcoming Trump war.

Kim Jong UN said in one the media interactions that his nation’s military has cultivated an increasingly sophisticated group of hackers capable of launching cyber attacks against all western countries and allies. The group is not only capable of nullifying the cyberattacks but has the potential to backfire those attacks against the enemies. This includes launching cyber attacks against critical infrastructure like power and nuclear grids.

In one of the news posts aired on Skynews of UK, Kim was videoed saying that it will just take only 3 nuclear bombs to destroy the entire world. The news resource review added that Kim’s cyber army has a backing from Russia’s Fancy Bear and so can intercept the work functions of a nuclear system in the US and can make them backfire as deadly weapons against the same nation.

In a media briefing to ABC News, John Carlin, the former assistant attorney general of National Security said that the past and the present US government hasn’t done anything yet to protect the country’s core infrastructure from cyber attacks of North Korea.

Citing the Sony Pictures hack of 2014 and the 2016 cyber heist where hackers stole $81 million from a Bangladesh funds account of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York via swift hack, John said that Trump’s government is doing nothing to protect the integrity of nation from cyber enemies of North Korea and Russia.

However, as per another consecutive news post of ABC News, Trump has already reacted to the cyber scares hitting his nation by appointing a team to deliver a plan to address US cyber security vulnerabilities within 90 days of his inauguration. But for unknown reasons, the team did not work on the plan and missed the deadline and the confidence of the new US president making him re-recite the order.

As per a report compiled by CIA in dec’16, more than 200 US Departments and agencies were ill-equipped to fight against cyber attacks. The report added that though the US was strong at the multifold level when it comes to its military strength, it was almost helpless in combating with attacks in Cyberspace.

However, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange in its latest Vault7 documents leaks lined out the latest capabilities of CIA and FBI. He said that CIA has the potential to hack any phone, smart Tv, computer on this planet and can also hit the critical infrastructure of any nation in a vicious way.

So, who to believe….?

Naveen Goud
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