Now China launches a cyber attack on Indian Maritime Ports


After infiltrating at least 10 computer networks related to Indian Power Grid Operations, the Chinese hacking group named RedEcho has reportedly targeted two maritime ports says a research carried out by Recorded Future- a Massachusetts based Cybersecurity and threat intelligence gathering firm.

The highlight of the report is that the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team has already disclosed that it has covered up the exploit that was being exploited by Chinese hackers to hack into the network of two Maritime ports.

But Stuart Solomon the Chief Operating Officer of Recorded Future says that one of the server that belongs to a renowned maritime port of the Indian Subcontinent was still exchanging handshakes with the hacking group and this clearly states that the threat actors belonging to Chinese Intelligence are still carrying out espionage on the network.

“All such speculations are not valid as there is no evidence to substantiate the allegations”, said a spokesperson belonging to Chinese foreign Ministry Wang Wenbin.

US President Joe Biden’s administration has briefly hinted in the recent conference that it will support Indian in combating with the Xi Jinping government in the cyberspace.

Note- To those uninitiated, the relationship between China and India deteriorated when the military troops of both parties indulged in a physical war on the borders of Galwan Valley based on the line of control across Ladakh. And from that day, the Chinese troops were reportedly seen targeting the Narendra Singh Modi led India from all spheres.

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