Now jail for tech bosses in UK over Data Security concerns


Till date, the Online Safety Bill of UK did not hold any tech company bosses for failing to protect their user data. But now, the legislation is about to be amended in such a way that it is going to turn punitive and will propose a jail term for tech bosses who fail to comply with the latest rules.

Meaning, all the companies that are offering online services including Facebook, YouTube, Google and Twitter will from now on prosecuted with not just a hefty fine accounting of billions of pounds, but the senior managers could face a jail term if they fail to follow the latest set of rules such as protecting the content privacy of their users and failing to pull down harmful content.

Nadine Dorries, the Cultural Secretary of UK, has put forward the proposal to pass the stringent law in the next few weeks that will help the online users from keeping their data safe from spying governments and ad companies.

While the free speech defenders want the law to be partially curtailed, as such stringent actions will allow tech giants offer censored content, most of the parliamentarians are in an opinion of accepting the new legislation dubbed as ‘Nick Clegg Law’ with an exemption given to news publications.

Note- In December last year, Nadine was removed from a Conservative WhatsApp Group titled “Clean Global Brexit” as she urged the elected members to show some loyalty to the Prime Minister (PM) Boris Johnson, who dared to witness Brexit under his regime. From the beginning of last year, she has been a prominent supporter of Mr. Johnson and faced the wrath of the public for supporting the PM in introducing further COVID lockdown measures to embark upon the spread of Omicron Corona variant.

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