NSA has been secretly recording phone calls of American Populace


Barton Gellman, a journalist by profession and the man who shared NSA contractor Edward Snowden’s classified documents to the world has revealed in his book that the National Security Agency has been recording phone calls of the American populace for years and has created a database which could create a profile of a person based on the calls they made with just a push of a button.


Gellman claimed in his book named ‘Dark Mirror’ that NSA’s tool named ‘Mainway’ secretly records billions of phone records a day and has been doing so from the Former US President Barack Obama regime.


Although, NSA insists that the phone recordings are being done in the name of National Security like to keep a tab on Terrorists; Gellman argues that the service is being misused to sneak into the private lives of the American populace.


Note 1- In June 2013, Edward Snowden disclosed to the world about the NSA’s surveillance program to keep a tab on the US populace. And it was Gellman along with two of his other colleagues revealed the US populace was constantly being monitored on a secret note. And as soon as the story broke through the Washington Post, NSA acted softly on the intrusion of privacy clause and revealed that it was just recording the metadata from the online and phone activity of its populace such as the number dialed, or web pages visited, as well as the date and time and duration of the call.


Note 2- In the year 2014, the Washington Post revealed that the staff at the NSA’s secret data center were also recording the phone calls of those leading developed and developing nations across the world which includes Canada, Australia, UK, India, Singapore, Russia, China, and Iran along with North Korea. But the media resource failed to provide any circumstantial evidence.


Note 3- Since the day Edward Snowden whistle blew the NSA mass surveillance program he has been hiding in Russia. And after his 3 years of asylum, Russia provided him with a permanent residency in Oct’19 along with his 2017 married wife Lindsay Mills.

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