Online purchase scams spike since the start of COVID-19, reports BBB


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Scams occurring during online purchases have spiked since the start of the pandemic, as reported in new research conducted by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Around 80.5% of consumers who reported this type of scam this year lost money, compared to 71.2% in 2015. Online purchasers scams have been among the three riskiest scams for the past three years but the situation has become significantly more severe in 2020. Whether you are a consumer or an online seller, what are the biggest issues you may have to face in terms of purchase scams and what steps can you take to avoid them?
The 2020 online purchase scams report
The BBB’s new online scams report has found that the number one way consumers were enticed into a scam, was via attractive sales prices. With the job market down and nearly 17 million people…

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