Opening of Facebook app triggers iPhone Cameras


Facebook (FB) has launched an official probe over the speculations which are doing around that its application downloaded onto an iPhone is triggering the rear camera app without the knowledge/consent of users. As it is a sure invasion of its member’s privacy the company has launched a serious probe and will be issuing a fix if found guilty.

Going deep into the details, users of the iPhone using the iOS 13.2.2 version of the operating system are reported to observing a strange behavior of the Facebook app from the past 10 days.

News is out that FB users are observing that the app usage is triggering the camera app loaded onto the phone without their knowledge. Soon, reports are in that the app might be encouraging the camera app to record the whereabouts of the user and might be taking a snapshot of him/her to transmit to remote servers.

Some security researchers in support of Facebook argue that every app uses the camera feature and activates it when the need arises.

But some say that the issue might have arisen due to a bug in the app which is evident behind the camera feed.

Guy Rosen, the Vice President of Integrity, Facebook has responded to the speculations via twitter and said that his company has taken note of the privacy scare and is thoroughly investigating.

Prima Facie has revealed that the version 244 of the Facebook app is ejecting such troubles when in landscape mode and so a fix will soon be issued in v246 to disable the feature when a user clicks on photos tab while in ‘News Feed’.

More details are awaited!

Naveen Goud
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