Optus Australia suffers serious data breach after Cyber Attack


Optus aka Singtel Optus PVT Limited has apparently suffered a cyber attack resulting in the leak of personal information of customers that includes names, date of births, phone details, and email addresses. Unconfirmed sources say that the attack is deep than what is being reported as some customers even had their passport and driving license details leaked to the hackers.

The Australian Telecommunication Firm is currently silent on the issue and assured that it will release a press statement after a preliminary inquiry into the attack gets completed.

Australian Federal Police and Australian Cyber Security Centre are working closely to find out those behind the incident and suspect a foreign nation’s involvement is suspected behind the incident.

Currently, there is no info on the stolen data being misused on the internet or anywhere and news is out that passwords and payment card details weren’t compromised or access in the attack by the threat actors.

From the past few months, Australia has been experiencing cyber attacks on its national infrastructure and the nation has blamed Russia for digital assaults. It suspects the Kremlin behind the attacks as the Ex-Prime Minister felt that Australian support for Ukraine is pinching Moscow to an extent where it started retaliation as a cyber war.

Coming to a war between Russia and Ukraine, it seems like the former has lost its entire patience and is interested in taking down its foe with nuclear warfare. It has also issued a warning to the west that its support to the Zelenskyy led nation would cost it severe and will cause loss of innocent lives.


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