Pakistan starts Cyber Attacks against its Enemy Nations!

Pakistan has decided to launch cyber attacks on all its enemies in coming days. To start with, the nation sponsored hacking group called ‘Alone Injector’ has hacked Indian National Security Guard (NSG) and defaced it with some profane messages against the sub-continent and it’s Prime Minister Narender Modi.

The hackers who identified themselves as ‘Alone Injector’ said that more such attacks will be planned against all those nations who are against Muslim nations like Pakistan. This includes the United States, UK, and Iran.

After hacking the NSG website the hackers posted a message “Pakistan Zindabad” on the home page of the said URL.

As soon as the Delhi-based Indian Intelligence Agencies learned about this act on Sunday morning, they immediately blocked the URL.

The National Informatics Center (NIC) confirmed this hack as an act of state-sponsored actors.

Last week, a website of Thiruvananthapuram airport was hacked by a Pakistani group called ‘Kashmiri Cheetahs’. The same group was also responsible for the hacking of AIIMs Raipur’s website early this year.

Note- NSG was raised in 1984 by India as the Federal Contingency Unit to counter terror and counter-piracy operations. The website contains National Bomb Data Center which has information on bomb blasts worldwide. The agency acts as an intelligence resource to alert India and all other nations against terrorist acts. It also keeps a record of the whereabouts of most-wanted terrorists in the world.

In the secret operation conducted by the United States to capture Osama Bin Laden, the special team from America was assisted by the NSG’s security forces to intercept all communication to and from the most dreaded terrorist Laden.  This assistance proved valuable to the US security forces to nab the terrorist.

Naveen Goud
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