Pareteum awarded a patent for its Cloud Security solution!


Pareteum, a Cloud Communication platform provider based in New York, United States has been awarded a patent for its cloud security solution. The patent was issued to the company’s European subsidiary last week for offering a solution that uses a secret key authentication technology to enable a highly secure and robust validation between mobile devices and Pareteum’s Global Cloud Platform along with other online services.

“We are pleased to offer a highly secure access and identity validation for cloud services, as well as mobile devices”, said Vic Bozzo, CEO of Pareteum Corporation.

“Our products roadmap strategy includes insights, predictive analytics and blockchain enabled payment systems for which high levels of security and authentication are crucial”, said Hal Turner, the Principal Executive Officer of Pareteum Corporation.

Cybersecurity Insiders has learned some details of the patent abstract which are as follows- It was awarded to a process that provides access to a restricted service. The validation method is simple where the electronic device requests to access a restricted service to an authentication server. And the server reciprocates by sharing a secret key with the electronic device. When the authentication server determines that the first electronic device has shared the shared secret key and a renewal time has not expired, it then provides access to the restricted service to the electronic device after confirmation.

You can use the reference patent number GB2541449 at the UK Patent Office to know more details about the patent description.

Note- Pareteum which was founded in 2001 by Elephant Talk Communications has vowed to come up with new innovations related to mobile landscape in coming days, as it wants to fair tap the numerous opportunities existing in the business verticals related to IoT, Smart Cities, and Artificial Intelligence.

Going with the vision, the company last year introduced blockchain technology support to its cloud platform for payments and settlement services. Thus, Pareteum customers can now use cryptocurrencies including Bitcoins, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Airtokens to render services related to Pareteum Cloud- all as a part of Digital Economy Monetization.

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