Pay Ransom to Ransomware spreading hackers says FBI



US Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI) has suddenly taken a U-Turn on its decision to not pay ransom to hackers during ransomware incidents. And that’s because it is proving as a cost-effective option to victims rather than recovering data through various means.


Although the company doesn’t want the victimized companies to cave into the demands of hackers, it does say to pay if that’s the only option left to unlock the data.


“Paying a ransom encourages cyber crooks to launch more cyber attacks on organizations and companies as it is proving lucrative to them,” says an FBI Guidance read.


But in some cases, it becomes a priority to protect the interests of employees, shareholders, and customers and that’s when the firms need to pay a ransom to hackers.


Regardless of whether paying a ransom, the FBI urges the victims to report the incident to the law enforcement so that it can keep a track of the incident whereabouts thereafter and hold them lawful in the future.


FBI is also emphasizing on a fact that the organizations should implement a backup and other defenses to thwart cyberattacks of any range. Implementing threat monitoring solutions might also help organizations be proactive rather than being reactive.


Now, to those reading this article what’s your say on this advice of the FBI?

Pay or not to pay for a ransomware incident?


Please disclose your mind in the comments section below.


Note- Since the past two years, hackers have been leveraging phishing campaigns, remote desktop protocol vulnerabilities, and software vulnerabilities to infect organizations….sophistication in launching cyberattacks aah aah!


Naveen Goud
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