Pepsi suffers a ransomware attack


Pepsi Bottling Ventures PBV, a business unit of PepsiCo Beverages, suffered a malware attack leading to disruption of services in 18 of its bottling facilities spread across Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, South and North Carolina.

Unconfirmed sources state that the attack was caused by malware leading to data siphoning and encryption- hinting to us the attack was of ransomware variant.

Releasing a press statement to Montana’s Attorney General Office, the company stated that the incident occurred on December 23rd of last year. And was identified on January 10th,2023 or 18 days after occurrence.

Cybersecurity Insiders learnt that the beverage manufacturing firm lost details such as full names, home address of employees, their financial info, state and federal government IDs and cards along with social security numbers and Passport information along with digital signatures and employee related health insurance details n medical history.

The company is busy in reviewing the incident and news is out that all the recipients of the breach will be offered a free identity monitoring service through Kroll.

In the meantime, NATO websites were also targeted in the attack states a German news agency dpa and coincided with the digital invasion on Pepsi Cola Beverages. Suspicion finger is pointing towards Russian Hackers’ gang Killnet, as the alliance of the nation is strictly against the decision of Putin to wage war with Ukraine. The website belonging to NATO Special Operations Headquarters (NSHQ) is unavailable, and the incident is yet to make public on an official note.


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